Question: How long till my carpet drys?

Answer: Carpet will take approximately 3-5 hours depending on the carpet, upholstery takes approximately 4-6 hours depending on fabric.


Question: How soon can we walk on the carpet?

Answer: Carpet can be walked on straight away but it is damp & we recommend removing shoes to prevent tracking marks.


Question: Do you require power?

Answer: No we don't require any power as our equipment is self powered.


Question: Do you remove furniture?

Answer: We only move basic furniture eg: lounges, chairs, tables (heavier items will need to be moved by the customer prior to us arriving or we can clean around it).


Question: Do you guarantee your work?

Answer: When you choose Peachies carpet cleaning your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.


Question: How often should i clean my carpets?

Answer: Every 6 months your carpet should be professionally steam cleaned as vacuuming alone will not remove particules deep in the fibres in the carpet where there abrasive action can be damaging to your carpet.